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What is vermicomposting?

It is the process of decomposing all kinds of plant and animal organic wastes into essential building blocks by being processed by worms and beneficial microorganisms. At the end of the Vermicomposting process, a high-quality worm fertilization is obtained, which is an entirely natural end product.

What is Vermiculture?

Vermiculture is the general name for worm breeding and worm-fertilizing activity. In vermiculture, worm breeding is the primary goal to obtain worm fertilization. But at the same time, growing worms as a source of live and dried feed is also a part of the process.

What is Worm Casting Vermicompost?

Worm fertilizer is the final product of organic wastes obtained by processing the worms by the digestive system at the end of the vermicomposting process and in the granular structure. Yes, it is possible to say it is the shit of worms! The smell of the wormy stamen, which has a dark appearance, is clean and fresh, just like the smelling soil after rain. It is beneficial for plants; for this reason, it is used as a natural fertilizer in agricultural activities. Many studies have also shown that wormgrass inhibits and suppresses plant diseases.

What is Good Worming Liquid Worm Fertilizer?

Good Worming is a dense liquid produced by liquid worm extrusion, hydrodynamic cavitation technique and ultra-sanctioning system controlled extraction process. In production, Good Worming granular vermicompost, which is our production, is used and it is an entirely natural product.  

Can Good Worming Liquid Worm Derivatives be Used in Fertigation Systems?

Good Worming liquid worm-fertilizer: a balanced product. Good Worming liquid worm extrude made and filtered under production high quality parameters does not cause any clogging or contamination in fertigation systems, drip filters and emitters. Thus, the agricultural producer offers a low-cost application.

Why is Good Worming Liquid Worm Extrattion Important for Agriculture?

Good Worming Liquid Worm Derivative is a bio-fertilizer extract derived from Red California Worms. It is a highly effective and ecologically safe fertilizer that is widely used in all agricultural products grown in open areas and in greenhouses. Vegetables, wheat, corn, sunflower, grapes, fruit, strawberries, ornamental plants, forest fruits and grass fields, as well as essential oil plants, fibrous plants and herbaceous plants and all kinds of fruit trees can be easily cultivated. Good Worming Liquid Worm Extract contains all the macro and micro elements required for plants and soluble forms of bio-debris such as humic and fulvic acids. All ...

What are the advantages of Good Worming Liquid and Solid Worm Fertilizer?

It is used both as a food source and as a growth stimulator for plants. Humus soil is used as fertilizer for inefficient agricultural areas. By stimulating reclamation of the soil, it stimulates microflora and optimizes the general structure of the soil. It makes it possible for plants to absorb the nutrients from the ready-to-eat soil. The high content of organic nitrogen in the environment is especially important for soils that do not contain organic matter, especially after a permanent mineral fertilizer. It allows the nutrient content to remain in the soil in the long run, so that plants can ...