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About Us


Worldwide brand of Troy Group: Good Worming

Good Worming is the liquid vermicompost brand belonging to the “Troy” Group, which operates in the field of agriculture, food, dried fruits and nuts. “Troy” Group owes its ever-growing success to deep customer relationships, increasing the level of procurement and productivity.

With the new partners in the world market and contracts concluded with them, great progress in the investment policy of “Troy” Group was marked.
“Troy” Group grows together with its customers and business partners.

Soil is our true friend

We do not have the right to treat soil poorly, contaminate or poison it. The reason is that we know that the harm that we inflict on the land, we really inflict on ourselves. We work to leave healthier farmland and healthier generations behind.

The special ability of nature

While life was developing underground, a strong immune system has developed to counteract pathogenic microorganisms, which it was exposed to for millions of years. Liquid Vermicompost substrate manufactured from the processed worms is a kind of organic fertilizers, which provide higher yields of vegetables, fruits and plants. It also improves endurance, quality, and disease resistance of the root system.


Being a part of the “Troy” Group, our main goal in the production of organic vermicompost is to provide a first-class product to manufacturers, engaged in agricultural activities. At each stage of Good Worming manufacturing, which is produced in Turkey, we adhere to the proper criteria for organic agriculture.

What do those, who use Good Worming liquid, say?

Listen to the manufacturers from Turkey and around the world.