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How is Good Worming different?



Good Worming liquid vermicompost is manufactured at specifically designed facilities in Turkey.

The fertilizer is produced using Eisenia fetida worms, which live in the top layer of soil and improve the environment.

A variety of organic fodders are used for feeding worms, which comes from our region. The quality is controlled from the start of the manufacturing process to the end.


Each package has the same quality

Good Worming liquid vermicompost is manufactured indoors. The most important stages of the production process – biotic and abiotic factors – are under the constant control of our specially trained personnel. Thus, we guarantee the same quality of goods in each container.

How should we use special fodder?


Good Worming liquid vermicompost is produced from a substrate processed by worms fed by a special diet. It is a combination of the original material with increased nitrogen content, coarse-grained weighting material and a stabilizer with high carbon content in appropriate proportions.

The main sources of food for worms are bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms. In Good Worming fodder for worms, natural substances are combined by a special formula, thereby producing microbiological fertilizer. It is very important for a healthy diet of our worms, and for the production of organic vermicompost.