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Good Worming liquid vermicompost

Our organic Good Worming Liquid Vermicompost contains all macro and micro-nutrients necessary for plants.
All of the nutrients used for the production are natural ingredients obtained from natural sources. Turkey’s best CERES organic certified liquid organic vermicompost Good Worming,

is exported to many countries in the world and Turkey is being used safely on all four sides.

What advantages will you get?

It reduces the amounts of pesticides and fungicides used

because it increases pest resistance.

Good Worming can be used with any irrigation system, not increasing the cost of production.

It improves the quality of the soil and products, so leads to higher yields

Worm Casting reduces the need for additional fertilizer; therefore, the cost of fertilizing is reduced.

Good Worming

The best for yield

Organic certified Good Worming liquid vermicompost is manufactured in Turkey at specifically constructed facilites with high-end technology.
The fertilizer is produced using Eisenia Fetida worms, which live in the top layer of soil and improve the environment. For worms feeding, we use a variety of organic feed, which comes from our region, and special food, the quality of which is controlled from the start of the manufacturing process to the end. The reason is that vermicompost quality depends on the feed quality. It is impossible to get high-quality vermicompost from improperly fed worms.
Biohumus Good Worming is produced in a restricted area.


How to apply it?

Click on the drawing to see how the agent is applied to each type of product.

What do those, who use Good Worming liquid vermicompost, say?

Why Good Worming?


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