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Our Mission


We return to nature what was taken from it.


Good Worming liquid vermicompost poses no risk to humans, animals on the farm, ornamental and agricultural plants, living organisms, which are used for biological pests counteraction, domestic animals, and beneficial microorganisms. Because we recycle and return to nature what was taken from it.


We work with organic raw materials only


Therefore, our product has a wide range of application: from huge production facilities to a small balcony, including open and protected agriculture, greenhouse cultivation, growing of seedlings, a creation of parks and gardens, interior gardens, melon growing and landscape development… This tool, which quickly provides noticeable results, can be applied to any field you want.

We protect the right of the soil to be healthy


Good Worming liquid vermicompost is an indispensable source of plant and soil nutrition, both in industrial agriculture and food products growing. The health of soil directly affects the health of plants, food products, and living organisms.