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Solid Vermicompost Fertilizer


High quality brings high yield

Solid worm casting fertilizer

Compared with other sources of humus, solid vermicompost has high quality. The main factor of this high quality is expensive worms. During the controlled production process, there constantly accumulates growth hormone, and humus changes occur at the final stage of the product manufacturing. Such changes arise as a consequence of the bioactivity of worms, which means that they are completely natural and healthy.

More saturated humus

Solid vermicompost has high exchange capacity (soil nutrition level), and humus concentration. This feature is achieved not only through a special diet, which is obtained with the help of a unique formula for combining raw materials, but also due to the fact that the final product is formed under ideal conditions and with a perfect time interval.

Much more microorganisms

Compared with similar vermicomposts, the vermicompost being produced for Good Worming contains more various beneficial microorganisms, thereby forming substances of natural chelation. Therefore, microelements received by plants due to the use of fertilizers externally or internally bring much more benefit.

Stronger plants

Solid vermicompost increases plant resistance to harmful micro-organisms at all stages: from seeds to harvest. Therefore, the number of drugs used is reduced. Moreover, you can lower the cost of production and grow a high-quality product.